New dimension of control. of smart home.

WiHouse is Poland, a dynamically developing company specializing in the field of electro-installations in Wi-Fi technology. The author's experience is based on many of their industry investments and the needs of the 21st century. Innovation, simplicity of use and design are the values on which we put.

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Production and Distribution

The manufacturer and distributor of WiHouse devices is INTEMO S.A. Located in Piotrkow Kujawski. Quality of service and product innovation are related to the continuous development of the company, improvement and meeting the needs of the customer.

About Intemo

- company was founded in 1996
- warehouse area is 4000 m2 and we provide our own transportation
- certificates ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 oraz BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Integrated Managing System Policy

We want to be perceived as a trustworthy business partner. We make every effort to achieve that aim through proper recognition and fulfillment of our clients’ and suppliers’ demands. At the same time, we strive for elimination of negative influence of our activities on the environment. In our company we take safety, work hygiene into account in all processes that are realised in Intemo.

All our actions that lead to realisation of our aims are based on the following rules:
- perfection rule – everyone improves everything, all the time
- rationality rule – we manage the processes and knowledge and we promote system thinking
- team unity rule – we are one team and we have a common aim, we are joined by good cooperation, partnership and friendliness,
- balanced development rule – we are developing and we do not forget about future generations and their needs

We are realising our aims through:

- services and products that meed our customers’ demands,
- services and products that are in compliance with certain requirements, - constant development of technical and organisational potential,
- fulfillment of the demands and standards connected with the whole activity of the company,
- obliging our suppliers to obey the regulations concerning the environment and work safety,
- preventing the environment pollution,
- the analysis of the influence of our activities on the environment, its monitoring and reduction in the range of the realisation of environmental management programs,
- regulating the waste management policy,
- minimising the usage of natural riches where it is possible,
- preventing work accidents, occupational diseases and possible,
- raising the employees’ qualifications, making our staff aware and involved in quality improvement, safety and environmental care.

ISO Management System Standards in the fields of Quality, Environment and Work Safety (EN-ISO 9001:2008, EN-ISO 14001:2004 and PN-N 18001:2004) and their constant realisation are the interpretation of our efficiency.

The inviolable rules that determine the activities in Intemo are securing safe and healthy work conditions for our employees and obeying the human rights.

Our basic ethical aim is to be responsible social unit that is why all our business policies are in compliance with social values and company code.

All employees are obliged to obey the Ethical Code:

Secure the best working conditions.
Do not use child work or forced labour.
Do not tolerate discrimination, promote diversity.
Protect human physical, mental, spiritual and moral health as well as safety.
Protect the environment.
Support the intellectual development of the employees.
Respect the personal and client’s privacy.
Take care of your company’s business.
Respect the fair competition market.
Avoid possible business conflicts.

Obliging of all mentioned above rules is constantly being monitored in order to make sure that none of the rules has been broken and the company’s activity is in a compliance with ethical demands.

Environmental policy

We consider environmental care an important element of our activity that significantly influences our development and reinforces customers’ trust towards all the processes realised in our company.

Our aim is to perform our business activity in environmental friendly way. We realise our environmental policy through:

- introducing PN EN ISO 14001 to our environmental management as the basic tool for planning and coordination of any activities – our priorities are clean technologies that use products and energy sources that are friendly to the environment.
- identification and prevention of already existing and possible negative influences of our activity to a human being as well as the environment.
- constant improvement of the processes regarding their influence on the environment and pollution preventing, especially within the frame of waste disposal management as well as raw materials and energy management.
- increasing the ecological awareness among our employees, customers and suppliers that we assure with the help of proper communication and trainings
- compliance with the regulations concerning environmental care INTEMO is an environmental friendly company.