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Application available for Android and Iphone systems. Control devices by your smartphone.

How it's working ?

WiHouse is a new definition of smart home. This system is based on Wi-Fi technology. Fully managed from the Smartphone application, simple configuration and implementation in standard installation makes an intelligent home does not have to be complicated to use.

Add your devices
Set up in your own way

Why WiHouse ?

Imagine you can control everything just by one touch.


Friendly, simple and intuitive application interface.


Application and updates are completely free.


Create scenarios tailored to your needs.


Device configuration is done with a single button.


System based on proven and stable WiFi technology.

Time functions

Create time schedules for devices.

Remote control

Control your devices from anywhere.


System management is done using a phone application.

Wherever you are

At first configuration, the device will automatically be connected to the WiHouse cloud. This way you can control your home anywhere in the world by your smartphone !


Simple installation

When you plug in your WiHouse device, then press one button and start search in the application. Once the search is complete, you will have access to your devices and all system features. Turn on lighting, control audio devices, create scenarios, shut down blinds, manage air conditioning. Just create your own smartphone controlled home. .



FAQ - The most frequently asked questions

The application, updates and remote access (WiHouse cloud usage) is completely free.

Using WiHouse cloud is safe. The connection to the server is anonymous, meaning that a particular device is not permanently assigned to a user. Connecting devices to our application is done using a unique code for each product that is assigned to the application during configuration. So if you want to control devices from multiple smartphones, we need to copy settings to other phones using WiHouse on a home wi-fi network.

The special control station is not needed. Just have wireless internet access in our house.

WiHouse devices are installed just like regular switches. Products operate in a standard electrical installation. It is only important that there is a N (Neutral) cable for the power supply in addition to L and L.L1. Devices are not suitable for the frame system.

WiHouse can be controlled by lighting (1x, 2x, 3x, dimmer), shutter, socket, air conditioner, TV, audio and WiHouse camera.

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Application available for Android and Iphone systems.

Control devices by your smartphone.