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Discover the home control system WiHouse See how easy it is.

WiHouse is a control system based on WiFi technology

This has never been so easy to manage.

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The system is managed by application on your smartphone or tablet (system Android or iOS).

WiFi Technology

The system is based on proven and stable WiFi technology. All you need is wireless Internet access in your home.

Timing function

Time functions allow you to determine when the device is switched on and off according to pre-established schedule.


Simple device configuration via single button. After connecting devices to the network wifi you have access to all functions of applications.


Create scenarios adapted to your needs. Set every device has execute when you click a key scene. Eg. The scene out of the house can disable all the socket, turn off lights and appliances including TV.


Elegant design touch switches WiHouse easily fit into any interior. The front panel is made of tempered glass. Delicate illumination provides good orientation in the night.


Wi-Fi WiHouse Switches

Remote lighting control is the primary element of an intelligent home. The elegant touch design of the WiHouse makes it possible to fit them into any interior. Manage your entire home via smartphone.

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Wi-Fi Module

A device that allows you to change the classic switch to WiFi Switch. Depending on needs, the module can work with lighting or louver switches.

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